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Warning Triangle
Warning Triangle

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Motoring LAW in France and many other European Countries now requires all vehicles to carry a Warning Triangle. The LAW in Spain requires TWO triangles to be carried.

Vehicle breakdowns, punctures and accidents are not uncommon and when they occur and the vehicle is stationary it can become a hazard to other road users, particularly on bends. The driver must be in a position to give prior warning of the hazard by placing a warning triangle on the road at an appropriate distance prior to the hazard. (In Spain two triangles must be carried to give advance warning to traffic from both directions).

Hazard warning light lights alone are NOT sufficient, especially if the vehicle is immobilised on a bend or dip in the road, or has a flat battery.

Features of Travel Spot’s Warning Triangle:
  • Quality, compact triangle - EU Approved - not to be confused with flimsy Far Eastern imports.
  • Sturdy, wide spaced legs ensure maximum stability - won't blow over when you most need it!
  • Highly reflective for maximum visibility and safety.
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    Using a warning triangle

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