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UK Over-labels for Existing GB Registration Plates
UK Over-labels for Existing GB Registration Plates

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It is an International legal requirement that every motor vehicle which is being driven from one country to another must display a 'Country of Origin' identity plate.

From 28th September 2021 the Government changed the Country of Origin 'Identifier' to UK from GB. A UK plate must therefore be displayed on the rear of your vehicle, caravan or trailer.

The reason for a UK plate is to advise other motorists that you are a visitor to their country and as such you are probably unfamiliar with their motoring conventions. Failure to do this could result in the immediate imposition of an 'on the spot fine'.

In addition any pre-existing GB symbols on the rear of the vehicle - including those incorporated into some number plates, MUST be covered up. This twin-pack of high quality, UV resistant, retro-reflective UK over-labels for front AND rear vehicle Registration Plates enables drivers to 'convert' their existing GB symbol plates to comply with the new law. The labels have been specifically size and colour 'matched' to the pre-existing 'GB areas' to allow an almost invisible conversion to be achieved.

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UK Over-labels for Existing GB Registration Plates

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