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European Motoring Kits
Eurolites Headlamp Adaptors
Alcohol Breathalyser
Magnetic UK Plates
UK Labels for GB Reg Plates
UK Stickers - Twin Pack
Motorcycle UK Plate
Warning Triangle
Spare Bulb Kit
Fire Extinguisher
First Aid Kit
Hi-Vis Reflective Vest
Blue Zone Parking Permit
DriveRight Lane Safety Device
SpeedRight Speedo Converter
Caravan Speed Stickers
Motorcycle Helmet Stickers
Dual USB In-Car Charger
Travel Plug Adaptors
Ticket Clip - Ticket Holder
Bug Shifter Screen Sponge
Magnetic St George's Flag
Emergency Thermal Poncho

European Motoring Kit
European Motoring Kit

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The complete European Motoring Kit with all you need to stay Safe & Legal.

Our range of different motoring kits contain
all the essential products that you require to
stay Safe & Legal when driving in Europe (see below for options).

All kits are supplied packed in a FREE
high-quality canvas kit bag AND now
include a FREE Breathalyser Twin Pack
for France.

'Full European Kit' Contents:
  • Breathalyser - NF Approved to test lower 0.5% French limit (Twin Pack)
  • Eurolites - headlight beam adaptors (UK Version for RHD vehicles)
  • Magnetic UK plate - UK symbol replaced GB as the 'Country Identifier' in Sept. 2021
  • Spare Bulb Kit - universal kit fits all vehicles
  • Reflective Vest - Adult Size
  • Warning Triangle
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Comprehensive First Aid Kit
  • There are three kits available:

    French Kit

    French Kit
    Spanish Kit

    Spanish Kit
    Full European Kit

    Full European Kit
    Motoring Kit for driving in France. Contents as Full European Kit but with a compact First Aid Kit and
    no Fire Extinguisher.
    Motoring Kit for driving in Spain. Contents as French Motoring Kit except has 2 adult Reflective Vests and
    2 Warning Triangles.
    Full European Motoring kit for driving in any country. Contents as above.

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    Select Magnetic UK Plate:

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    Select Magnetic UK Plate:

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    Select Magnetic UK Plate:

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